What is Energy Deregulation And How Do You Profit From It??

Energy Deregulation Creates A HUGE Income Opportunity

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So what is energy deregulation?  It is a federal law that was passed in 1998 to give the consumer a choice in the supply of their electricity and natural gas in order to lower their costs.  See before 1998, states and the federal government found that essentially there was a monopoly in the cost of electricity and natural gas.  Where else would the consumer go to get their electricity and natural gas for their homes and businesses but the local utility company.  There was no choice in price or supply.

The "unfortunate" thing, is that the federal law was left up to the states to implement .  Currently there are 28 states that have full or partial energy deregulation.  The good news is that ALL 50 states have to be fully energy deregulated by 2015.

Through energy deregulation an opportunity is created that as Warren Buffet said in a Forbes Magazine interview, "This Is The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth In Our Lifetimes".  Bill Gates when asked what industry would create the NEXT Bill Gates?  He replied....Energy.

Consumer Choice Marketing harnesses the opportunity of energy deregulation in a very intriguing way.  CCM  markets lower electricity and natural gas as well as OTHER services that we ALL use and more importantly PAY FOR each and every month.  By doing this, this gives the broker, the CCM Agent, the ability to create networks in  the states which have not deregulated energy. So by the time they do become energy deregulated, we will already be there in order to create even more income. Which makes the 2015 deadline a GOOD thing !

Consumer Choice Marketing is a very unique company as compared to others in the energy deregulation industry. And here is why...............

1. CCM has very obtainable qualifications to advance to the next level
As opposed to other companies that deal with energy deregulation as an income opportunity, CCM has very reasonable and very obtainable qualification for advancing to the next level in the compensation plan as well, and even more importantly, the qualifications for your first bonuses when you get in the respective companies.

2. CCM offers other services to besides the huge energy deregulation opportunity for a very good reason.
You see, the energy deregulation law is a fedral law, but it was left up to the states to implement, because of that not all the states have fully implemented the law. There is a patchwork of deregulation in the states at the present time.  However, all the states must be energy dereulated by 2015. So while the states have a few more years to fully comply, with CCM you can do business in a non deregulated state before it becomes fully deregulated for electricity and natural gas. The full realization of energy deregulation in the US is coming.

3.  No Convincing
Our services are services that people are ALREADY using and buying.  There is a big difference between that and offering services that people have to be CONVINCED, in one way or another, to use AND buy.  Not that those new services aren't nice, but from a pratical business sense, it is always better to sell what people are already using and buying.  And remember, CCM offers SAVINGS of those services that people already know the value of because they are using and buying them for their lives already.

4. Doug Tesky, Founder And CEO
The founder and CEO of Consumer Choice Marketing, Doug Tesky, is really an important part of the company's success and it's future.  Mr. Tesky, originally from Canada, was an energy broker himself in both Europe and Canada, after his professional european hockey career. His tremendous experience in the energy industry as an energy broker helps with the company training.  Who better to educate the brokers than an experienced broker himself?

Also, with his experience and relationships in both Canada and Europe, it is no wonder there are plans for expansion of Concumer Choice Marketing into both those countries in the future.

The entire management team are stellar professionals in their fields.  There is a lot of success information to learn from them.

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Also, with his experience and relationships in both Canada and Europe, it is no wonder there are plans for expansion of Consumer Choice Marketing into both those countries in the future.

6. Bill Hoffman, CMO of Consumer Choice Marketing, is a marketing legend with over 25 years experience in the marketing industry. The “Million Dollar Man” from Excel and YTB, brings a great deal of experience that he has lived through which helps the energy broker in the field and with growing a team or organization.  There is a lot of helpful, useful valuable wisdom to learn from him as you grow your business.

7. Consumer Choice Marketing has the largest footprint to do business in the energy deregulation business opportunity. Consumer Choice Marketing, CCM for short, is in 27 states in the United States, soon to add the 28th state. CCM will be going into Canada in months. Why is this important? It gives you the largest arena in order to do business. You invite all of your contacts to make use of the CCM energy opportunity.

8. Commercial Acquisition Program ( CAP Program) for business energy sales.
The CAP Program is a dedicated department in Consumer Choice Marketing that made up of energy experts who help the CCM brokers to make business energy sales small, medium and large. Businesses as you know are huge consumers of energy, both electricity and natural gas. As stated before, CCM pays you on USAGE and not by the bill. The CAP Program not only helps you make the business energy sale but it recloses the sale year after year for years for you on automatic..

10.IGS Energy Exclusive Partnership - IGS Energy, a 21 year old, $2 Billion Independent Provider of electricity and natural gas, in the Top 3 energy providers in the country; has entered into an exclusive agreement for CCM to be their exclusive marketing partner for residential and small commercial energy sales in the states that IGS Energy markets.  This was a perfect fit because both companies have the vision of aggressive expansion in the United States for energy. Plus, they appreciated the growth and customer service that CCM provides.

In my 19 years of network marketing, I have never come across the perfect niche, the perfect timing and the perfect business than energy deregulation, this point in time and Consumer Choice Marketing. This is something that you do NOT want to miss !!

On a personal note, I am sticking with CCM as the company to make the energy deregulation business opportunity the wealth creator it is destined to be.  Consumer Choice Marketing is the best kept secret in the energy deregulation industry.

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